Nor Cal Hero Ride For Life
                                                                                           Est. 2009

Nor Cal HERO Ride For Life starts the day off with every participant from every team walking the first lap in silence, signifying everyone coming together for the same important cause. 
 This lap is in honor of those who have lost the battle and for those who are still fighting hard.  During this lap, participants are welcome to lead riderless horses in honored memory of those they've loved and lost.
One of the highlights of the day is the survivors lap.  This lap provides the opportunity to honor those who have won the battle.  Each year we are pleased to see more and more survivors and those survivors who've been with us from the beginning.
We have even honored a pony who is a 15 year survivor.

The opening and closing ceremonies are meant for everyone to feel the importance of the difference they are making.
The reason behind Nor Cal Hero Ride for Life is simple,
1 in 3 Americans will get cancer in their lifetime.
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Everyone is personally affected by cancer, sooner or later.  Today, slightly more than half of cancer patients do survive.

The survival rate can be increased through more research and greater community awareness of health issues.
The Nor Cal HERO Ride For Life gives everyone an opportunity to fight back & to make a difference in the battle against cancer!
We'd like to ask all of those who've been touched personally or knows of someone affected with cancer to come to our
Annual Nor Cal Ride for Life
Red Bluff Style!!

8 th
Photo provided by We Shoot Ya
Next Event:  To Be Determind for 2017

Well, it was another very successful year!  

In 2016 we were able to write a check to ACS for 

Hats off to all who participated & helped make it work!

Which brings us to an 8 year total of $209,061.00
Photo provided by Studio 530 Photography
Photo provided by Studio 530 Photography
Photo provided by Studio 530 Photography